Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Lisbon Report

 Friday 2

Our second day and first one at school, started with some break ice activities and a tour at the school, where we could meet the other students and have a lot of fun.

Then they explained and showed us one project that all Portuguese schools are doing now called DAC that is about water.

After this school activities we had lunch at the canteen and went to a beautiful park called Bela Vista Garden, when they explained us the nature that was there and collected some seeds, we also had a break and saw the Portugal match. 

Finally, we visited a little part of the center of Lisbon and had dinner all together.

Marta Becerra

Saturday 3

Today, Saturday, we have spent our time visiting a special place. We had to move to Vila Franca de Xira to enjoy of a huge habitat characterized by having some special conditions which allow animals to live in a perfect ecosystem. Also in there, they are studied and classified by scientists just for them to be controlled and protected. We have acted like ones by observing different types of animals and knowing even the deepest curiosities we could imagine. The explanations and activities were interesting, that's why we felt very glad to discover all that information about animals, concretly birds. The conclusion of this journey is the fact that people cause a rellevant impact on other human beings and we have to be aware of caring our home and the ones we share it to. On the way back, we crossed the bridge Vasco da Gama, which is 14 km long....

Ingrid Fernández

Sunday 4 

Sunday: Today some of us went to the Benfica stadium in the morning. Later, in the afternoon we went to the factory where they make Pastel de Belém. They were very good and we took the opportunity to buy some for our family. Afterwards we walked along a riverside promenade and saw some important monuments...

Gerard Oller

Monday 5

Today we started our day at the school, when we had all arrived, we took the metro to San Sebastio station, where we walked five minutes and arrived at 'Calouste Gulbenkian Garden'.

In this place we saw beautiful and different exhibitions and an amazing garden that a guide explained to us.
After 2 hours visiting the place, we had lunch.

When we finished to eat, we walked 30 minutes to arrive at 'The Green Corridor project of Monsanto' where we were able walk trough the nature and observe the city of Lisbon.

After doing these activities students and teachers separated ourselves, and the students  went to the Christmas market of 'Wonderland' where we spent a short time because after that, we had a reservation in a Chinese restaurant with a big buffet, where we stayed for such long time I and we had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Our trip to Collserola

 As we prepared our visit to Germany, the Spanish team made a trip to Collserola, a natural park in the city of Barcelona to collect samples for our herbarium. Here we present you with a video of this trip.


Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Monday and Tuesday report by Blai and Pol


On Monday morning we went to the school. First we presented a video about our school we have made and also we showed a presentation about a trip we made to Collserola a natural park very close to Barcelona. 

Then teachers explained  us what we had to do.  We formed groups with members from all countries  and in these groups we made a research about the green areas in our neighborhoods . We presented the results  in front of the other students and teachers. Afterwards we had lunch at the school and we took the train and went to a corn maze. We had to look for points and stamp that we had passed through there. Finally we went home to rest a little after such a intensive day.


Tuesday was the last full day in Babenhausen. After waking up we met in school. Then we started to work and we planned about what we're going to do the next months in our Erasmus project. One of the main activities we did was to prepare and design our international herbarium.

Little after 13.00, we had lunch while some brave students sang and karaoked in front of everyone on the stage. Then we went on the train to a bowling club where we spent our evening smashing and striking in the bowling lanes.

We ended the day with a farewell party in the school at which every Erasmus student attended. We have had an unforgettable week in Germany.

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Saturday report By Dídac Jiménez

To start the second day in Germany, we woke up and we had breakfast with our families.

Then we all met in the train station to go to a nature park where we were able to climb trees and we made a high-rope course. It was an incredible experience. We ate a sandwich there and we went to Frankfurt city center. We had lunch on our own with some German friends and then we visited the Garden of heavenly peace. It was very beautiful!

Next we went to some souvenirs shops so we can bring a detail for our families.

We caught the train to return to Babenhausen, but the train stopped working for half an hour. This time we used it to talk with our friends and to have a great moment, so it wasn’t that boring.

When we finally arrived at Babenhausen we went to our homes and we had dinner.

We have to rest because tomorrow will be a very fun day with our families.

Friday, 23 September 2022

Friday report by Claudia Serigó

This has been the first day that we’ve been in the school, but not the first in Germany. Each student arrived with their German parner, and then we took some chairs and sat in a circle. We played a game that consisted of throwing a ball and saying our name and where we came from. Then we played more games to get to know each other a little more. Then in groups, each group made up of German students and five students from the same country took a tour of the school and the town of Babenhausen. We made some presentations from each country before going to lunch. We ate in the school dining room with music and then went to take a train to visit nice Geligenstadt

After the visit, we ate some ice cream, went to the station and came back again.

Everyone went to their house and then met again to go to the bowling alley and spent the rest of the day together there.

We took the train back and everyone went home to rest for tomorrow.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Barcelona meeting report

Students all around Europe came to Barcelona to live new experiences and learn new things from each of the countries. It has been a very busy week and this is what we’ve done so far.

April 30th

The arrival was on Saturday and all the students were very excited about meeting everyone from the different countries. It was a very tiring day, but everyone always kept a smile on their faces. The German and Portuguese students visited not only Montjuic, but also plaça Espanya. As the Greek and Irish arrived late at night, they weren’t able to visit much.

Sunday 1 May
On Sunday we went to Montserrat a very special mountain close to Barcelona. We did a walk around the area and also we visited the monastery.

Monday 2 May
Monday was our first day at the school. First the headteacher delivered a small wellcome speech. After that speech we made a tour around the school and also we had a wellcome breakfast. Finally we visited the Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous monuments in Barcelona. When we came back to the school we had lunch and then we made a workshop where we printed a white T shirt with the Park Güell Drac a symbol of the city.

Tuesday 3 May

On Tuesday we had a working day in the school. We made multinational groups and worked in several activities. Some groups finished the insect hotels, another group made a presentation about the survey we have made about the use of parks and garden. Finally some groups made nice murals about historic parks and gardens of our countries. At midday we delivered an insect hotel to the maintenance staff of a park close to the school. After lunch we visited Barcelona center.

Wednesday 4 May

We have been working in parks and gardens for the first part of our project, and for this reason on Wednesday we made a day trip to visit Marimurtra a botanical garden in Blanes, a town 70 km away from Barcelona. There, we had a guided tour where we were explained the history of this garden and its highlights. Afterwards we had lunch in Lloret de Mar, another town close to Blanes and some of us took a bath in the Mediterranean sea!

Thursday 5 May

Thursday was our last completed day in Barcelona. In the morning we worked in the school. Every team showed presentations that they have prepared before coming to Barcelona and we learnt different facts about the schools and countries that are involved in the project. We also delivered another insect hotel to a orchad near the school managed by the neighbourhood association. After lunch we had a guided tour through Park Güell, the famous park designed by Gaudí. As it was our last day, at night we had a nice farewell dinner in a pizzeria. In September we will see each other in Germany!